On 27 hour television. In what did Ms. witch who does and violates do? Was it done?

The part where I was appearing wasn’t being seen, so I’d like to know.


Good Answer.

[A blunder by 27 hour television, the(1)]
In a fish showing section middle stage of the young people in late at night.

I appear by a misunderstanding costume unsuitable for a queen ingredient for sushi as NI SHIO or a pink dress.

If it’s with saury, that you may sleep, pleasant joke toque
When I make a mistake first because there are no confidences in an ingredient for sushi, a line is pulled.

I try to run away and win laughter because a laugh doesn’t occur at all while they’re fish starting and a trick, but that doesn’t also misfire.
“Do another side.”, it’s suggested, I try to do from the beginning again, and you pay attention.
From the way a short while ago, I try to do, a head becomes snow-white and isn’t developed.

I have watery eyes and begin from the beginning again, but the saury which wasn’t overlooked stops here.
I break into tears and arouse sympathy histrionically by minded CHAN mode opening, but the voice that I feel sorry for Yanagihara sent in the next for entertainers’ eye
When entertainer’s other ingredients for sushi start, there was nothing and one bursts into laughter.

[A blunder by 27 hour television, the(2)]

Which face lowers and has come after this morning’s blunder, it’s being almost talked about, coolness, NEPURIGU appearance
I say “too much resting” to the saury by which a question was given only that at the intervals and make a place frozen. Saury is amazed and I don’t care for by a face.
The Kuniko Yamada’s figure, a big slide and air say “It looks like RYUKU.” in a loud voice, and are worst.

A question of eye isn’t answered at all in spite of 2nd person by five bombers, air in a place is the freezing point.
Including the thing by which the saury which read air is a morning, “It isn’t working well by chance today, oh, it’s done.”, it’s followed up, the whole denial
I say “It’s different! It’s to the extent it’s rather well!” and crush help, and it’s exposed to its big failure that I’m not aware of my responsibility.

Even 2 question eye isn’t answered at all five bombers, air in a place is glacial period plunge.
Because I’m tense, the remark which goes out first to the member who keeps being amazed “doesn’t know the meaning of the* problem”, excuse
In the assistance to which Harada says “Forget and insist a morning.”, “A morning is forgot! Please don’t rehash an unpleasant thing!”, the nerve which makes that reflection is colorless exposed, and is a performer staff audience, reverse, I go out.
The disposal which is also enraged with gentle HORIKEN at last and even followed by Takahiro Yamamoto of a junior up

And in an end, “A problem is difficult to catch, please read more katsushita well.”, I say etc. and blame Ana Ito.
You warn “It’s being read neatly!” “Your cause and!” for Nakura, it’s amazed at Kuniko Yamada with “person’s cause, !?”, RARU.

I spend time in an eye 3 questions, and, finally, I give a right answer, it’s time-out at HORIKEN.
It’s shelved that one used time too much, “well, in my answering hard”
That I know other members not to have understood a response, “whether everyone meets,-“, I’m relieved selfishly.

How I shall do expert momentum like variety in the development which has become this almost no game any more, a section can disturb me seriously and is to the air which keeps becoming chilled until the end.
But the person himself was always very careless without the minded state.



An ingredient for sushi has flown at a fish corner in early morning.



I left an ingredient for sushi at the corner in early morning and cried.
And others “isn’t feeling well today” in NEPURIGU, and, I was following up, but that was denied and the remark which can’t read more air was made etc. and it isn’t possible to answer at all by five bombers, and that you couldn’t look like an amateur, cry “Wow!! wow!!” and answer a quiz remarks that a time coat approaches such as causes of an amigo, and it doesn’t also rise like a quiz show, and I have made it variety program-like in the worst air.