Outline in Twin Peaks and ending.

Please tell me some degree details and story.
And I didn’t know the meaning of the final at all.
Please tell me what kind of thing you wanted to say.

It has been seen before, but it’s forgot.
Even the way is very fascinating as an impression.
The last person doesn’t know the meaning, and only the memory which has ended is left.

I give 500 to the person who gathered the contents.


Good Answer.

I was convinced this as the last interpretation.



A famous corpse of female senior high school student Laura Palmer is found at a town.
A suspect, a person downtown, everyone.
All the members are keeping some something secret, and it’s doubtful.
Cooper investigator who has come to the town for an event solution likes coffee and an cherry  pie very much.
A criminal was Laura’s true father.
But a father caught and possessed the one which looks like a soul.
The end is transferred to Cooper investigator, and the one which looks like the soul is the end.

If they’re a movie edition and a novel (an anecdote, everyone, stay here, novel).
Cooper investigator has appeared in Laura’s dream in front of the draft beer, and the future and the past intersect.
After Laura has been killed, that Cooper investigator came to Twin Peaks seems to have been also the connection of the destiny.