Please give it to me while thinking of the reason that the witch who violates NI SHI was drunk up.


Good Answer.

Why, it’ll be a blunder by 27 hour television of the year before last, won’t it?
There would be also other elements variously, but I think this was conclusive evidence.



There is no ability as the entertainer as well as the witch who violates NI SHI, so I think you could just get tired. And since making it an entertainer, the character is serious and always wrestles seriously, so I think mental boldness doesn’t face to the necessary entertainment world.

Ariyoshi said “He didn’t think everyone liked you.” yesterday, but it’s just difficult to be liked and it’s said that they is disliked and isn’t a person. Work as an entertainer was just less, and work is busy with itself.



Did you dub Hollywood movie and pride yourself?