Please tell me the meaning of [the Y number” that a U.S. forces vehicle is putting it. I thought it was Yokota’s Y certainly….


Good Answer.

Stationary troops person civilian war worker use vehicles
“E” “H” “K” “M” “T” “Y” “” “A” “B” there is etc..
“Y” and “E” (It’s brought in from foreign countries.) are used for a standard car at present.
“A” is very 2 circles of minicar and 125cc.
“B” for, less than 125 cc, 2 circles

The opinion which is called the initial because it has started in Yokohama about “Y” “”.
The opinion a yankee calls “Y”.
The opinion to which I say that I have come from “yellow” of the “yellow” number which stuck to a U.S. forces vehicle.
Which, truth and*…






A U.S. forces vehicle is putting an oblong special license plate.
The Y number is military personnel’s privately owned car.
It’s said that there is E, H, K, M, T in addition to the Y.
There is seen remembrance only E for anything but Y, isn’t there?

Even Okinawa is also the Y number at Iwakuni at Yokosuka as well as Yokota.
The car bought in Japan is the Y number.
The car brought in from foreign countries seems to be the E number.
Because I don’t agree with the standard in domestic Hoan, the E number would be a problem, wouldn’t it?