Please tell me the true reason that Ishino Youko has not gone out to a program of Shimura KEN any more.

Were you associating from the costarred front?

Or did you begin to associate after it was costarred?
PAWAHARA which is removed from a coactor by the reason that you say because it was separated was performed, and weren’t there criticism from people and blame?



Good Answer.

When it was costarred by the conto, they seem to have been associating with privacy and have been cohabiting. They also seemed to have considered marriage, but Youko of I SHI collapsed consequently, and disappeared from Shimura’s program.
Adding: I didn’t know from when you began to associate, but breath of the conjugal role fitted well. If it isn’t PAWAHARA that I have been replaced, I think of a program. After being separated, to go out to the same program would be spicy. Such as Shimura KEN hands a bouquet in the program of Youko’s last appearance of I SHI, it’s done and it’s seen off, and remembers that Youko of I SHI was shedding tears.




Because Youko of I SHI is a dog, and shim Ken is a monkey, cat and dog
★ Why do you stick so much?




Mr. Youko Ishino is because it was separated, and is married, isn’t he?