Shimura KEN, SEX, a female list.

Yuka, Sayaka Isoyama, MIHIRO, Nana Ozaki, Emi Kobayashi, Nana Ogura, Ai Ashida rape, Nao Oikawa, Youko of I SHI, Waka Inoue, Mami Yamase, Hiketa tenkou and Hara trunk Kei

Shimura KEN which continues the entertainment world is permitted to hold a favorite performing artist!


Good Answer.

Love rape put it in, and don’t win laughter (warai), such, it isn’t divisible and!

Even if a member sees, I also think it’s enviable and also think it isn’t also so.
So only the person who has a body is difficult for free Yutaka Mitsuru to permit.



A subtle face enough immediately isn’t liked, well.



How much would Ashida be different in everything?