shouten  Member increase and new chairman  Please expect.


Good Answer.

Recruit and you

New chairman and I



In the old days, in turn, Enraku (Rakutarou) chrysanthemum fan (Kikuzou) Koyuuza.
Is it from this inside?
Who of Utamaru’s pupil and Keiichi gate are you? The age, 50~~about 60 years old
Who of the person’s pupil who became a chairman is later?

Enraku is said to be by a chairman by rumor.
When Utamaru resigns from a chairperson, too, at the place which is outside Koyuuza (vice-president).
There is also a case that Koyuuza says a chairperson.



New chairman
Kounosuke Sakazaki.
Sanyuutei song Musashi