The mileage which bought daily throughput DAYZ was measured 3 times, 11.3km/,ℓ and 10.8km/,ℓ and 10.4km/, it wasℓ. I think it’s strange by all means, is there a person doing similar experience?

I think soon, I’ll go to the daily throughput.


Good Answer.

It’s normal, a journal title was forgot, but the editorial staff check and the actual mileage are lowest by whole considerable car type of Suzuki, Honda, Daihatsu Diesel Mfg. Co., Ltd. and Mitsubishi.



If a distant rank is made with the catalog value, the mileage of DAYS will be about one by far.

That’s rough, it has the high fuel consumption, is noisy and is a powerless car so that I don’t have that. The hogwash which is rarely seen in recent years.

The, I think on the one hand, the design is also wonderful and cool beyond the limit of the minicar.

It’s regrettable that the evil said to be joint development with Nissan and Mitsubishi has gone out to a drive feel, isn’t it?

The mileage by the program of TVK affiliates was 10.4km/L. This is the mileage worse than a class 2 liters.

The design is the best, but if there is a person who considers purchase, recommendation will have a test ride certainly.



The one as the mileage a car sales company puts up is the numerical value by the number on the calculation and the condition that the mileage often goes out most to the end.
The actual mileage falls in 5km~10km by all means more than that.
A possibility which falls more is considered by the condition when an interrogator ran 3 times, enough, isn’t it?