The one of Han Nii way big four

Which is popular?

A follower of INSUTA was extremely different and there was to Mr. IJONSOKU.

If I’m a Japanese performing artist again, I’m interested in about whom it is.


Good Answer.

I don’t like I MINHO and like a I John foot very much personally.
As expected, I MINHO is at a home country and foreign countries, too.
The celebrity and the popularity are precedent.
The activity as an actor is all the while also earlier and, Han way boom in Asia area
The lead is sent at the time, so you could ride on the waves, condition
The impression a fan layer comes soon, and also permeates widely.

A I John foot is a jump recently by “Kimi voice” and “Pinocchio”.
The manner of the Asian advance is different from a temporary Han way boom, and also different and.
The Chinese area seems to enrich demand and supply more than Japan.
I also step forward in a drama of South Korea and China and.
A fan layer seems to lean to a younger age group more than I MINHO the home country and the foreign countries.
That there are a lot of followers of INSUTA, by the cause.
I also act well and eyelashes are long and are a fair small face, and is also good-looking.
When it’s blessed with a good work, they seem also to leap from now on.
The fact that I misbehaved not completely satisfactory in Japanese FANMI is also the appearance.
They seem to be a long-nosed goblin touch a little in this updraft.
When there is a part a senior actor and a singer in the boom generation can follow.
When it isn’t transient and popularity is being also established.

It can’t be compared by a Japanese performing artist, can it?
Because an actor thinks of a drama, too,when it itself is also different in way showing it.
A Japanese actor, rather to sell naturalness.
The sense they seem to be doing and which is being usually insisted, it doesn’t begin to remain.
Whether a Korean actor chooses the share and oneself how and shines out.
It’s being studied, and it’s made stoically every day and it’s crowded and seen.
If it’s movie industry, the Korean actor is wonderful further.

Something to try to make a Japanese drama read a space between the lines.
It’s a lot, and the Korean drama is quite direct by impact and an expression.
NI feels. It’s hit, for the KE consistency and delicacy of the detail
The sucking force with which (warai) which lacks a Korean drama makes that up, actor and production
It’s so and it’s shown and it’s made nailing attractively. When it ends, it’s readily so often.
The impression which has a lot of something reverberation is for a Japanese drama and has a lot of something to think.

But it’s in the brain selfishly, this role, this person, it should be done, the delusion I go along?
An actor of Japan and the Republic of Korea replaces, and by which drama have Japan and the Republic of Korea also labored under a delusion?



Is the drama of the country where a DNA was upset by incest and the fire disease state fascinating?



I think IMINHO is more popular.
In Korea  It’s IMINHO that you can also draw in customers overwhelmingly in China and Japan.
IMINHO is longer than IJONSOKU and after it sells.
Tenacity is felt, isn’t it?
IJONSOKU is still popular and receives feeling as an echelon.

Comparison who you’re can’t be done in Japan.