The Seiko Takasaki change Takahashi evidence is just different in figure, I’ll see, since coming near, isn’t it similar to Atsuko Maeda?

Its Ota becomes practicable depending on the power of imagination of AKB Ota, too, and does the audio visual it’s expected to sell also make sales by the demand and finish?


Good Answer.

Personally, Mr. Takabata juumare is more similar to Ms. Atsuko Maeda.




Mr. child who shoulders Takahashi began to make a reservation, related TSUITO is left, isn’t it?



It isn’t similar, is it? Because he also has carnal desire besides AKB even if he says a fan of AKB, a gravure loving person has considerable demand.
Uh, a nude of an abundant body is as far as I’m happy because it can be seen.
By the way, I like a gravure idol.