The TERUTERU family

Are juvenile’s 4 people that no one is made an achievement now in particular?

Akiko is slightly interested.
Is it to the extent winter has gone out a little as expected?

Two people, Haruko and the Natsuko role?

It’s beautiful feel, but it’s thin in an impression.
Feeling is similar, so it’s difficult to distinguish.

Does a child of the Akiko role tend to remember? For seem.


Good Answer.


Hiroshi Taki of the Haruko role of the girlhood  Kari also seems to go out to quite much works now.

Mika and Mr. sakuratani Yuki flower of the Akiko role searched, but you don’t seem out at present, Yu Adachi who is the Akiko role of the girlhood compared with these 2 people, right?

There seems to be no information so much about 4 people in the infancy age.

Ms. Tomoko Imagawa of Haruko’s acting understudy of skate in girlhood is former professional figure skater also, not an actor.



As far as it was seen in wiki, is it about spring that now has also gone out to a drama? Is it so? Still it isn’t the image playing an active part honestly…, is it?
There was something spring judged from the drama which has gone out, I had no memory entirely.

I’m lovely, and likes autumn personally. It may not be a beauty face, but it may be pretty.
If there are offsprings who have gone out to a play and a movie recently in four people, I’d like to see by all means!



Nidai eye and Haruko…?