The use of 7,000,000 yen….
7,000,000 yen had to use it for something by your reward, and were.
(For the clogged deposit, NG)

If a car is chosen, it’s the car type.

If I also get something else without even using the upper limit up, its list of articles and a reason♪.

Be quite really and please answer!

Sometimes, you can have a dream, happily, I answer,♡  Everyone, right or wrong♡.


Good Answer.

Thank you very much for your BA the other day.

Work and privacy have been busy and late in leaving recently.

warai which can’t be taken to the eros at which I’m good if it’s this question, (
Umm, 7,000,000 yen?
Is it reward at last from Sarasvati?

Because I work and use earned money importantly.
I’d like to go by practicality single-mindedness.

Because but it’s reward this time.
It’s near a fast buck rather than a consideration of labor, isn’t it?

When it is, may there be a hobby and a youthful spirit a little?
But, when 50 years old are exceeded, too.
I don’t think I’ll use almost no and fill worldly desires.

Therefore I think a car relation will be a car which combines practicality with a hobby.
One is a little strong in the sense which is being operated, and a felt car is a taste.
A so-called car of drivers?

When it’ll be, the point is per BMW, isn’t it?
The driving distance, several, about 100 kilometers of CHOI, including taking.
7 series, 5 series and 3 series have taken it per mini.
Did about tens of kilometers of X5 also take it?

If 7 is also secondhand, it’s changed.
7 is good for freeway limitation, but big, and….
I also have trouble in Desaki’s parking lot at a city.
7 is a car with an original driver rather than a car of drivers, isn’t it?
There is almost no lightness appropriate for BMW, isn’t there?

Because 5 is a little small.
Even a small place is a little flexible and.
Lightness appropriate for BMW comes out more slightly than 7.

3 was becoming very big compared with the past.
Because lightness is being sold, is it one OSHI?
In a hurry there is also practicality and.
You can also answer with Desaki’s small road and parking lot.

X5, characteristics of BMW, I don’t have that, equal.
It’s hardly different from taking a truck of about 3 tons of burden sensuously.
Therefore I don’t need free.

mini, quickly, quickly, such as, it feels like and it’s lightest, isn’t it?
Have you just gone with a handling addict?
A hobby is highest among these.
It’s a difficulty that I’m strong in the image which looks like the car a lady takes like the world for some reason.
When there are no such images, I want most.
It’s about 3,000,000 yen freely, so it’s too far up to 7,000,000 yen.

It’s 3 series of 2000cc to choose to say so.
MT will be going value of about 5,000,000 yen.
If it isn’t enough, I aim at a new car for sale as used.
When saying incompleteness, everything is the street.
In a hurry it’s sporty and in a hurry there is practicality.
A car isn’t too big, so I don’t also have trouble with parking lot election by a supermarket and Desaki so much.

Because there is a rest of 2,000,000 yen.
1,000,000 yen are used for the cost of maintenance of 3 series.

Because I still stay and have 1,000,000 yen.
It’s a rule by pickup truck of Honda.



One looks for the attracted car I liked really, applies restoration, does the tune for which one in those days longed and earnestly, runs about.
It’s abstract and I’m sorry.



It lasts long by option plentiful by the finest grade of Prado and even if I’ll leave on the way, in a hurry is priced.
The cost of maintenance isn’t also so high.