It’s the view which was sleeping on board at the station of Tsuma and the way and came across it the other day, that also made a fuss by reveling until late evening, and surprisingly, a table for camp was taken out next to its camper, and whether you sat down on a chair and weren’t barbecuing by the family couldn’t lie idle. If it’s a campsite, is such act permitted at the station on the way at any rate?


Good Answer.

An ignorant answer continues contrary to an aim in Mr. question center, doesn’t it? The camper as well as the sleep on board will be person’s irrelevant answer.
Now, it “isn’t able” to sleep on board at the station on the way to sleep on board at the station on the way, as far as there is no indication, it’s no problem. But, it’s presupposing that rest is prolongation to the end as completion of a framework. Don’t forget to include the meaning of the fee in the day or the next day and shop by the station on the way of course.
The major premise when sleeping on board, is “Trouble isn’t applied to others.” Such as mistaking for a campsite and barbecuing of course, it’s irrelevant. When a blog of the person who takes a camper is seen, there is something which takes out a table and a seat in a parking lot and gives a dinner openly and squarely.
By the way, the general car is cooking at a parking lot, and I often come across the thing which is being done while starting the engine all night. When this is considered, improvement of manners of sleep on board a person of a general car will be also necessary, won’t it? Manners should be good relatively except for the part because there is enlightenment of manners from JRVA to an owner of a camper.
But, when the next is noisy Mr. question center, too, there should be also a way to move a parking lot.



It’s number 110, isn’t it?
Because there is a person doing BABE Q at a parking lot.
It’s smoky and smells, so please be careful.



Sleep on board at the station on the way. That’s good.
There may be also a station on the prohibited way.
It’s generally OK to sleep on board.
Because it’s common sense that trouble isn’t caused to the environment at a public place.
A parking space, I hold a position, and, the barbecue will be ridiculous.

Even if it isn’t a permitted act, but something is done reversely even if I complain.
I’m afraid, so after I’ll ring 1 of horns.
It’ll be safe to take refuge.