There is not, the matchmaker arranged date big operations I don’t have (Wakayama-ken Arita Kawamachi) are being seen. It isn’t a prejudice, but they seem serious, but doesn’t a Korean lady try to appeal for oneself and make them change from sympathy to affection by rolling?


Good Answer.

Even though a nan cries with a bad reason, are you a formidable woman actually?
I thought a little so.
In the long run matchmaker arranged date big operations are the one of the woman by which the man was coming near to itself.
Because I have no choice but to choose from the inside, even if I’m a nan in it, it’ll be a fact, won’t it?
Because it’s SHI or the one Mr. Niki does and by which he’s a nurse, they’re close, even how much, a woman, I’d be here.
Why is there necessity to do a matchmaker arranged date? In the character.
What which is a man with problems all is it? The girl who is single and looks like a nan to 36
It’s caught, and… what is it or…?



You felt sorry for the man tricked completely, right?



SUGGOKU seemed more respectable than a Korean around there.

While being young as expected, it’s a result immersed in respectable national culture!