There isn’t little dismissal of BOOWY between the icehouse and Hotei in essence, and does the thing by which Hotei hungry for participation in RASUTOGIGUSU of icehouse Kyousuke was refused an icehouse after all think there was a ditch and doesn’t it make a mistake?

When it isn’t so, dismissal would be impossible at a popular head-, wouldn’t it?



There are also no states you’re greeting in a greenroom after the fall of the curtain which was advertising eagerly that I’d like to participate, not the translations they aren’t also the translations out of which a flower is being taken comparatively, which are being seen with an invitation seat and a BOOWY member through media, right?
That LIVE was seen in a blog, I have that, but I have gone to the meeting place or…..
Uh, big Hotei seems to go up to witnessing information at a meeting place, TSUITTA of a BOOWY member and a blog.

A topic of trouble of human relations didn’t cease Yoshikawa, Machida, YOSHIKI and Kumiko Yamashita for Hotei, so maybe was there a problem to Hotei so that that icehouse was even disliked? It’s doubted, isn’t it?



To be honest, I wasn’t little and expected it, and did Tokyo Dome entry into the war of Hotei’s participation in the first day secretly, too.
But after several songs have been finished.
Well… whether this says that there are no openings Hotei and other guests enter.
A guest doesn’t need, it changed to the thought that it isn’t necessary.
I think almost all person who entered the war actually thought so.

But it isn’t a song by the last day solo, icehouse Kyousuke has ended in bellboy’s B BLUE. I think there were thankful feelings to a fan and a member.



There are various views- ︎.
It’s DA, it’s done around an… RAS gig, and, a club with live music tour sends Mr. Hotei, and… oh, elaborately, oh but a band is formed newly around the RAS gig final stage, and…
But because there is good now in icehouse KKU now.
Icehouse KKU now thought I didn’t get away in bellboy’s icehouse KKU.