There was GACHINKOFAITOKURABU before about 10 years, but is the YARASE program true? It’s now, but could you tell me what kind of part was YARASE?
Was there also a true part? Why did a program end when? When I went to foreign countries exactly, it couldn’t be seen until the end.


Good Answer.

It’s said that it’s a closedown on July 29, 2003.
Than wiki.
The contents of prearranged performances
The situation he assume that academy draft beer is low-level, and to which lecturer Kasaki of “idle academy” expresses a resolution to resign.
A college acceptance of 3 people in “BE-BOP cram school”. Most private school students were a miserable result by the trial examination which planned the first which has started, but comment with unnaturalness has that I put on the ability to pass a university in a short period (3 months) clearly. A trial examination, an opinion with prearranged performances also has itself [Who?]
Total of 4 private school students of O (note: Private school student’s last name) participated with K, T and N where a collage entrance examination won’t be done primarily because they didn’t finish a high school in “BE-BOP cram school” likewise. By the way, Daiwa remarked “You, a silly person of the home run order!” to this thing (Among 4 people and N were declined later.)
While a meal in the private school student’s training camp life was being experienced for some days when Yamaguchi of TOKIO visited a training camp by the 3rd time of broadcast of this plan by “BE-BOP cram school” likewise, Daiwa was explaining to a private school student about dinner at the time of a class end just like the time of the training camp living first day. Moreover Sean like the time of the training camp living first day could see an act of the private school student who warns a private school student and resists that saying Daiwa told to thank you for the meal after a meal, and the tableware was put away.
Private school student’s wish motive and wish department were introduced by a telop by a broadcast in the first time of “BE-BOP cram school” likewise again, but the trial examination which is after that with a first wish department and the department which took an examination were different except for a certain private school student (To aim at a lawyer, private school student W which passed a university was wishing a department of law as an example, the university which took an examination was a school of business administration.)
The matter with which a famous racer participated in the first time broadcast as an amateur in “energetically, legend”. A racer who possesses the international A order license participates in an audition in the first time, and it’s elected. But the racer doesn’t appear the after 2nd time for some reason. A program sponsor replaced Yamaha from Honda, too. I wasn’t the racer finally, but a program was developed by 2 people who have a lace experience, and I got the appearance limit to Suzuka 8 tai.

A scuffle happens only the time when TOKIO (camera) comes for some reason by “fight club”.
And even if I’m however excited, I hardly take up TOKIO and a staff (I corrected and intimidated.) Therefore a scuffle with TOKIO where Takehara is at the same place to a scuffle’s with a coach and candidate draft beer happening has not occurred. I’m not taking up the cameramen taking a picture and staff, etc., either.
Raw S was appearing on Asahi National Broadcasting system “NEPU!” together as a club one of “Rikkyo University arm wrestling lovers’ society” for the second period with first period raw Amino who should oppose in “fight club” likewise. Green ume Miyanari Satoshi (present,* Umenomiya Satoshi) was on good terms with the second period raw S which should be opposed to a rice-cake making meeting in Okinawa for the fourth period in the program likewise, and it was invited (It was also carried in Ryukyu Shinpo in those days.)
A rooter and a television camera sneaked into the boxing protest even entrant’s acquaintance as well as the outside person shouldn’t be able to support primarily.
It was avowed that arrested fifth period raw T was a host in the program, but I was an entertainment production part-time worker actually by report after arrest.
When it was that Takanori Hatakeyama does a sparring with raw F for the second period in the program, active world champion Hatakeyama in those days was the punch which has no mercy with a picture of a trailer, and Sean who beats many shots of F where an amateur is same came out, but its design was development as F which sinks in a ring for a shot of punch of Hatakeyama who wasn’t broadcast and also changed the contents of a sparring to a counterattack by televising of the next time (Now, it was a slow-motion picture.)
The person who seems to be the staff who entered to stop a quarrel by a fight club again likewise had Sean telling words to raw G for the fifth period. Sean to whom a program staff is telling words also existed besides this.
A staff was beaten by enthusiasm of 3 people, N (1), N (2) and F which lost an audition by “the Chinese noodles way III” in patience, and the reason that the location of the meeting place was told, and the 3 people appeared in the next location.
Sean who says “It’s redone from one.” and breaks a shop curtain had N where he’s 1 who lost out in the Chinese noodles way III” (2), but the article in which a float and a shop curtain came out matched the weekly pictorial magazine which was sold later.
When sneaking into the room where TOKIO, a lecturer of each plan, a staff and a cameraman are training camps, camera crews were included in a room already. Therefore that they may issue some instructions for the performer who is there, there was a comment I present with a question on the net.
The for first period of fight club told raw Amino was the blog (It was renewed at pre