Through ball YAJU in the NHK radio afternoon, Mari Yamada and, well, oh, but it was a dislike.

A shallow comment and histrionic reaction are too vulgar, everything is unpleasant how to laugh.

A radio is flowing at a workplace, so the afternoon is melancholy every day.
The morning’s program is heard very happily.

Why do you also suffer from the one by which Mr. Yamada takes charge of a band of NHK or understanding by lay?

Only affirmative mail fax is read like being natural by a broadcast.
A negative opinion should also reach including the minute I sent.

It’s unfair never to read these, the one as the equity broadcast law collateralizes?
Only a political thing?

The good way you can read, something is it realization?


Good Answer.

Well, wonderfully, it’s understood, wow.
The feeling because there are no toque skills at all, it’s helped by others perfectly, but that the awareness isn’t for the person himself and.
I think that Miss KYABA in the country is doing wireless, a gate.
Miss KYABA where the appearance doesn’t become popular at all comparatively is feeling Japanese syllabary w.
Is it true and is it that casting?
Besides even how much, I’d be here.

Please, because it wasn’t a response, but I sympathized too much.
It’s w one that it’s fascinating if your negative opinion is read by a broadcast.
I’d like to hear, wow.
Please exert yourself in order to read, w.



I think I don’t have to be read particularly.
A one called NHK is quite severe bureau, so when putting a complaint in from much addressing, it isn’t made the condition. Even if Mr. interrogator plays in his own work from the address of one thousand by himself, and that sends.



The degree for which you have an unpleasant one sympathizes, but a conclusion is always oh by force, isn’t it? Of which word TEN?