Try selah tops  The song which became a big hit before in the song of TRICERATOPS can’t be remembered.
I think it’s before about 14 years now.
Thank you.

Thank you.


Good Answer.

Is it this?

If it’s different, I’m sorry.



Hello, I like a try selah very much! You answer, right?
I think it’s GOING TO THE MOON as a lower person is probably saying that it’ll be a smash hit, too, but (It was a commercial song of POCARI SWEAT.) there is also a possibility of the song called Fall Again, isn’t there? By the way, Mr. Taizou Harada is a theme song of a drama as star’s edit king here.
When it’ll be release before about 14 years, may Raspberry of a debut song be the closest one… as Mr. interrogator is saying? I think I don’t go with a smash hit, but you seem to have been doing power play for a radio fairly.
… But everything is a II song, so please hear once for now! warai
It looks like advertisement, excuse me, ^^;