Uehara  Is it true that beautiful A was raped?



Good Answer.

Even if I answer gently, but a question of this hand is asked here.
“Mami knows one’s own ditch.” even if so a correct answer is expected.
It’s probably wasteful.
When appearing personally, a rape conviction is different, one besides that?
All truth or falsehood will be a speculation and not clear, I talk about it, in a prevalent result.
It’ll be.
But, “When self-declaring, a lie is also true.” but a gravure was included.
After the person himself is that it became cheaper by an entertainment world and passed and loads a public radio wave down personally.
Because such crime related thing is being taken carelessly.
Shouldn’t it be received as the truth?

But when making it true to the raped lady, it collected.
You wouldn’t have that, right?
You can’t also say to the police and a family, the person who worries by himself, you’d be here.
Doesn’t a bad thing also understand that this person may say on a television?



I think it was the excellent advertisement to sell oneself.
You’re a great liar (warai), right?



Truth is also fine, then,-, RI, it’s permitted and given-because it’s pretty,-.