What is the difference between FBI, CIA and the police?

FBI and CIA ask Federal’naya Sluzhba Bezoopasnasti by the overseas drama somehow…,….
I think the thing which is being done doesn’t change with the police.

Was an investigator of FBI calling…… “The work by which that’s we to work of the police, then, he went.” by a movie and a play?

A murder case and drug investigation are being done, but is it different from a policeman?
Please tell me the difference between FBI, CIA and the policeman conversantly! Thank you.


Good Answer.

It’s the police that the United States moves about the crime which has happened at an identical state.
The control by which that’s FBI when sitting astride more than 2 provinces
There is a rule which says so.

FBI is the American FBI. I belong to the Department of Justice and it’s in a union way violation.
Compared investigation and public safety information are collected.
When the Department of Justice and here are Japan, and a belonging engine says FBI.
It’s feeling near emergency to the police, isn’t it? (The volume of information is different without incompleteness.)
An investigation target will be an event in the country thoroughly.

For example the criminal who has caused an event at NY state is at KARUFORUNIA state.
When the criminal is specified with an identical person when having caused an event again.
Control is the translations which become control of FBI from NY and the KARUFORUNIA two state police.
And FBI arrests the bottom of cooperation and a criminal of both police.

CIA is the complete another organization.
CIA is American CIA. In modal 1947 and national securities, lay
An established president, engine under direct control. Information necessary to the National Security Council.
Search, information collection and political maneuver of the state secret which does to offer it with head Tsutomu, and is an other country
An anti-in the US group is being watched.

Intelligence (spying) activity is Maine basically, like a movie, conspicuous, it doesn’t move.
If necessary, a fair and information from the state police and FBI also seem to do reference or compulsion submission.
By the way, the engine which carries on intelligence activity is CIA in the United States, in the United Kingdom
MI6 (MI5 is domestic charge. Boss-like existence of MI5 is similar to FBI, and will be MI6.)
007 “series” by which it’s for a movie will be to belong to British MI6, won’t they?
I say a ministry research room (common name and inside key) in Japan.

CIA is president’s engine under direct control, the one of the criminal etc. from an other country to USA
Whether it’s easy to understand to take charge of prevention, a measure and investigation if it’s regarded as duty.



When it’s written simply to the fullest.

FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation): “FBI”
CIA (Central Information Agency): “CIA”

These two are a national engine. Therefore an investigator here and a staff of a telegraph office?
“Government officer”.

The state where the role is domestic plural or investigation about an important item, FBI.
Overseas information collection (mainly, secretly,) is CIA.

The “police” which generally says, but, the police which is the national level like Japan in the United States?
I don’t have that.
(FBI will be the closest existence to that, it isn’t Police to the end.)

It’s as the organization in each province, each district and each towns and villages instead of having no national levels.
The police exists.
(The NYPD: New York Police Department… New York City police
and the LAPD:Los Angeles Police Department… Los Angeles city police)
A policeman here is employed at a state and a crowd/a city, so the viewpoint is “local government official”.

The group/police of towns and villages takes charge, and usual event and accident are in more than one towns and villages.
When I sit astride, it’ll be turn of the state police.

Even Mr. residence who is a village in a remote island and far in the mountains from a police commissioner in Japan is the one of the police organization.
It exists in the same personnel system, the investigator who is FBI in the United States and each policeman?
There are no every relations.

There may be no great differences for the content which is being done, by the difference in the range, the police force and FBI’s
An allotment is divided.
It “is important”, I say that it’ll be an item from the side of the police, I say “FBI intrudes.”
The situation also occurs.



FBI is the FBI.
CIA is American CIA.
FBI is by criminal investigation of the American scale.
Even if I cooperate in an event inside each state, you can entrust the police in the state with a solution.
When saying easily, CIA is an intelligence agency, and is the… informer easier to understand?
It’s the organization which gets information on world all part, isn’t it?

It was gathered easily, so if I’d like to know conversantly, it’s better to check it in WIKIPEDIA.
There may be a wrong part, so… (sweat).