What is the reason that a SON lily declined “waltz in spring”?

Is it the pride which isn’t lined up with an actor under the rule?

When a SON lily performed the UNYON role temporarily, could more works get the audience rating?

Did it also influence future’s development of Hann and HYOJU big?


Good Answer.

A director was speaking, I’d like to use SO DOYON for the leading role by all means. And casting made the SON lily the partner role, when I don’t make them appear when it isn’t a tie-in, it’s said that you pressed to draw in using an actor of rhinoceros Dassland Q instead of SO DOYON if rhinoceros Dassland Q in an office of a SON lily uses her, forcibly.
SO DOYON was being decided and a script was being built up for more than 1 year along that, so in that case I get off, and when it’s good, it’s said that the director declined.
A SON lily is until it was based on will in an office.
I think Hann and HYOJU were fine for me. I think freshly, two people of lead succeeded as a work. The audience rating of the country was low for certain, but it’s also bought by NHk and I think I got a profit overall.
The thing chosen by this director as Hann and an actress of HYOJU is after that, happily it would connect.
This is a by-talk,”, the lead of a children’s story in fragrance”,” autumn of summer” was an actor of rhinoceros Dassland Q, so a branch office also finds out that it was pushed forcibly, but I’d mistake the character of the director.
SO DOYON got married, but the appearance work is really little. I’m not also winning a prize and. I’m slightly worried.



I think first point of a question is probably a problem of a guarantee.

When isn’t the second point off conversely?
I think so.
A person is a beauty, but I think HANHYOJU is easily the top by the acting ability.

I think nothing influences.



It was judged from dinner for supremacy of snow and gods.
I wasn’t impressed by Mr. so nice actor.

Weren’t Hann and Mr. HYOJU OK?
The person thinks a settlement was good as the whole work.