What kind of improper remark would Makoto Kitano do?

What kind of improper remark would Makoto Kitano do?
All regular programs had been also replaced and did you speak improperly so terribly?
The VIP hits a VIP, and seems to have tried every measures.


Good Answer.

Mr. Makoto Kitano woke “unfortunate slip of tongue event” up, and it was “entertainment world indefinite banishment”, this thing. It’s to be concerned with Mr. Suo of plate burning, and it’s said that the cause is because you said something you aren’t supposed to say and made take the “responsibility”. How many N is “You aren’t supposed to say.” about Mr. Suo? Even if mass communication report is seen, that, what, oh, I don’t know at all whether you came. A gossip show of each television station which makes the scandal “the kind of feeds” primarily doesn’t touch at all about “the thing” as there was nothing. Even the program on which Mr. Makoto Kitano was appearing by regular until last week is the position which doesn’t make his sudden “kouban reason” clear. Why doesn’t one popular entertainer try to investigate the truth of “event” which “was killed” from an entertainment world actually and report it? It’s because I reject Chippo and am flattering so that if it’s disliked by “Mr. Suo” called a dong in an entertainment world, silence is kept with a serious matter, and it comes off. For how many N does he deposit the “right” to use the “radio wave” which are national assets in a television station and be guessing a special convenience of the mailing charge for “third class approval” as a newspaper magazine?
The opinion put on with Mr. Suo’s being called as “the terrorist organization person concerned” as the head is RIMASU. How many NI, now. Other day, it’s Mr. Suo = fact that a close thing is also learned about in a general public as well as an entertainment world with the goon squad person concerned as it “was also written by PC data about o violence which flowed from the Metropolitan Police DepaThat the “rumor” that I make it familiar with man of “back society” is decided and operates on a plus, not a minus when it’s the “viewpoint” called a dong in an entertainment world, Mr. Suo, one, because it was recognized, none other than. Even if Mr. Makoto Kitano compared and vice made Mr. Suo “in the style of a terrorist organization”, and said to a condition, it “will be enraged” by the thing, and I can’t think to have directed “entertainment world banishment”. For Mr. Suo, “it’s deep with the goon squad person concerned, affiliation”, for, it’s a decoration. It doesn’t seem to have done the mistake by which Don “freezes the “mynah” by which you circulate hearsay with “for that person, wonderful fearfulness forcing” out”. Because BA did that it’s “two swords usage”, there is also an opinion. But this, also, the rumors that Mr. Suo “is the mouth from which a man can go, too” are shou and the case that I lost my vigor between the entertainment world person concerned from the old days, so as Mr. Suo was natural under himself, too, the “rumor” should reach, and that “banishment play” of this time was performed with “UNNUN’s” doing the thing, this, also, it’s difficult to think. Weekly BUNGEI SHUNJU was writing Mr. Makoto Kitano’s “unfortunate slip of tongue” was “He disclosed that it concerns the musical publication right when Southern All Stars debuts.”, and that Don could cut a spot. When such thing is dishonorable, when to think it’s mistake actually goes out, “Norika Fujiwara is a lover”, it was also that you should complain out and trust to a judicial judgement this time as suing the publishing company which did report and making it “trial”. It’s done badly to add weak one star in a footing to a float eye of “banishment” using the “pressure group” otokotokyou will be. People think “more villainies” were being done actually, and also to have been afraid to disclose that one after another and have probably used a dirty hand now because it was overdone, so. When luck rises in the viewpoint which is to the extent you have that and are Don, and is the stuffed personality, most should laugh and show the ability which can be permitted. “Mercy won’t be for a person.” when rubbing, if it’s a dong indeed, people’s reputation rises. “I bite at a cornered mouse cat.” there is a proverb. Mr. Makoto Kitano is a man in the viewpoint where a child has a wife, too. There is also an example of the ENOMOTO wife who has buried Tanaka Kakuei at time by “pinprick of a bee”. Than ancient times, a hero, such man, I was stuck into the man who made it careless and foolish and often lost my life. Doesn’t Mr. Makoto Kitano say that he shed tears in the program which became the last radio appearance? “It’s permitted.” Mr. Suo and you yourself should be aided in a fact. I know Mr. Suo and you to want to conceal and hide several. I think it’s better not to take it lightly.
Even though.rtment clearly”. And Mr. Suo didn’t deny himself and such “companionship”.

Shall lower back breakage yellowtail to “dong” of Japanese television, radio and newspaper be what’s condition? Doesn’t the case that one is doing “suicide bombing attack” have an intension lover for the television, the wireless and the mass communication which escaped from this “banishing, play” report? You aren’t supposed to despise the public.
Mr. Makoto Kitano can exert himself and breaks, Mr. Makoto Kitano. When there are also a life and a fine day, there will be also a day when it rains. You’re still young, I’ll have a long future now.
Let’s show you the place where guts are different in a future life.

It’s than a blog that I’m here with Muranishi.



Mr. inboukirai. If it’s your answer, I think it’s difficult to be directly connected with the report to which I say “I speak improperly by a radio.”…. Shochiku entertainment is said to be sound Jikyo withdrawal, and I think a line as plate burning related was strengthened. Even if Kitano cuts it freely, there is a place which isn’t also made satisfied with the one you couldn’t permit.



A slur to Soka advertisement continued from before.

There is something too much for a slur to Yamamoto R NDA and this H Masami.

It’s also reasonable that an honorary chairman gets angry. It’s dried from an entertainment world like Uchimura, and it’s natural.