What was Kyouju Suzuki caught for?


Good Answer.

“Partner  Season 4” the 19th talk: The woman who isn’t lucky

Sachiko who suffered from husband’s after death, borrowing money and sickness is for a VIP of a terrorist organization and Shigeru Koshima’s lover. (Unhappiness-)
But, I know that this Shigeru was the instigator who has killed my husband.
Sachiko kills Shigeru and plans it’ll be an another person overseas, and to begin a new life.

Sachiko goes to the airport after plan execution, but a car breaks down on the way.
I say that the car come along sends to the airport.
“I’m lucky.”.
But, they were Sugishita Ukyo of a special mission person in charge (Yutaka Mizutani) and Kaoru Kameyama (Koubun Terawaki) that I was driving the car where to do thick.
(I’m not lucky,–)

Mr. Ukyo who felt a criminal mood for Sachiko after this marks Sachiko tightly.
On the other hand, Kaoru runs after an event.
Until Sachiko boards an airplane about the airport, and a time limit goes to an oversea.
Kaoru finds and rescues just before Shigeru to death at last.

Therefore Sachiko will be a murder attempted crime, not a murder.
Whether this ” “is on” or isn’t on”? 、、、、

“Partner  Season 6” the 11th talk: The woman who has arrived

“The woman who isn’t lucky” fact Sachiko Tsukimoto (Kyouju Suzuki), even discharge from prison is 1 year and a half.
A dream after discharge from prison was rehabilitated and was also completely full.
But, one was a strange thing and was involved in Rei’s (MEGUMI) fleeing in prisoner’s spring, and fled, too.
(I’m not lucky.)

How many kettles of an achievement in Mr. Ukyo and, that the fleeing plan by which it seemed to have been involved aimed at Sachiko from first actually has that, and is revealed.
A wirepuller is Shigeru Koshima who has begun to be killed by Sachiko!

“Partner  Season 6” 12 accounts: “Woman aimed at”

Last continuation.
Tricked spring Rei (MEGUMI) escapes from origin of Shigeru as well as Sachiko.

Ukyo and others, how many kettles and, when I run after an event, I find out somehow that besides there is a true wirepuller.
Inside the police, 、、、.
By a drug related event, as expected, is an aim spring Rei?
But Sachiko doesn’t pull it.
Sachiko who faced pistol one hand and became sturdy exerts herself in order to get away from an enemy.

To receive a remaining prison term after an event solution, I was Sachiko who returns to a prison.



Mr. Kyouju Suzuki isn’t caught.
The role by which it’s caught for the Yuu name was being just performed with Sachiko Tsukimoto by a partner.



Because a traffic accident has been caused, ^^;