When saying a performing artist from the soap land, who are you?



Good Answer.

The soap S which keeps a house in Yoshiwara is the luxury store where the service of the orthodox school is made sale. There is a rumor that the VIP actress M in such S has been enrolled.

The top actress when saying M, exposure to media had decreased taking the childbearing as an opportunity, but who reigned as “queen of the audience rating” for long. However, I break in these several years.

Was such she working as a bubble princess really?

A store, “It’ll be often rumor at Yoshiwara, “for M, Miss soap” it’s suspicion, but the one she was doing is obvious fact. That this is apparent because the person concerned in a store is testifying. The

appearance, a style and service are to adopt only a lady who matches by interview, and the S is also famous for industry, M would be passes without complaints.”, it’s some writers of manners conversant with Yoshihara to tell so.

This account has an enviable omission with everything which is here.

“When saying my medium husband, it’s S of the actor who built one era, the soap enthusiast who will be to the extent he goes out of the soap Osaka is, and it’ll be prohibition”. The mat technique may also be decisive one getting married to M.” (from the front and lighter of manners)

When S gets Yoshiwara of big actress M-trained authentic service night after night even at present, there would be no this much enviable talk for a fancier of manners.

It’s famous for these account and net, isn’t it? Why, now? Please, it feels like, but….

By the way, the one as M is Nanako Matsushima.
S, Takashi Sorimachi….

It’ll be though it’s cool, and are you a soap enthusiast?
It’ll be MOTE RU…, is it a technology as expected?

Even if it’ll be a lover to have judged by a soap and have dyed it under Yasushi Akimoto, and I rise to a famous actress, you also have something to discuss, right? It’s realistic strangely and….




It’s enrolled in Fukuhara’s certain luxury store before, and I think that there were offsprings who have begun to play an active part by a gravure.

I was the child who nominated in the soap age and had them keep occupied once, but I appeared in a weekly magazine its 2-3 years later.

I was ignorant of an entertainment world, so it was known whether the child was doing no degree activity, but operation reki by a soap was in the state which “has begun” to play an active part as I also wrote first by the contents on a weekly magazine, and came out, and work decreased, and the thing from which I retired was writing it.

By the way, the work is also strenuous in a looks by a top class in soap reki in the past for about 25 years, without corner cutting.

I think it was a thing before about 10 years now.




The place where it’s maybe I necessary but true variously isn’t understood by the city legend level, w.

But if Ryoko Komekura who tells is true, the bottom is best, w.