Which person is Gackt? Why are they so rich?


Good Answer.

When I say first from a conclusion, it’s the made riches character. I think of course, it’s more certain than the general public that I’m earning.

It could be made a storm and then one apartment was bought, and I was saying that I had that so that the room where I live wasn’t counted. It isn’t also imaginable how much it costs for the maintenance and the administrative expense it’s also serious to buy it, but which are after that, is it?

I say there is often an income which can just do luxurious living because it’s itself, and fan’s person is singing writing the words and composition, and that it’s natural. Then it’ll be that similar other singers say that there is that income, too. Even the opinion to which I say that it’s being gained by a commercial and a star trade is the same thing, and there are many stars playing an active part more than him.

Then, why, only he…? It’s ordinary to think so. (Many people feel uneasiness indeed, so, there are a lot of questions of this hand.) but even if the star who costars hears his talk, and says “it’s wonderful, enviableness”, there are no things which touch his source of income at all.

It’s my speculation, but I think his luxurious living is a part of character making. A fan isn’t purchasing GAKUTO doing a poor life and the same life as the general public as a reason, is he? A person of the world different from oneself doing graceful living in IKEMEN should be asked. In other words, it’s tied with the future profit to raise his commercial value, so money will be natural for a sponsor to think whether money is being taken out as an office to be taking out. When it isn’t so, when one is doing luxurious living on a television many times, it isn’t necessary to appeal. I think an entertainment world is the world with which an image game was made.

By the way, there are o sisters by a performing artist who resembles, aren’t there? Every time they appear on television, too, the luxurious living will be introduced. You aren’t also going to be supposed to touch at an entertainment world about their source of income of course.



Which person is Gackt?
A rock musician.
That such thing isn’t also understood, Kayo wwwwwww, such, if I question, search for Gackt and check it by Wikipedia, wwwwww, it’s wwww whether you’re foolish.



A stormy program was seen.
A main occupation is a singer.
I think there are no hit songs recently, but is it the royalty of the song in the past and?
It looked like the male version of Kano sisters and it was felt. warai