While Mr. Ogura was broadcasting, was there an event off which a wig has come really?


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That animation is the synthesis which was also taken up by the east SUPO.
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The wig is true.….
Wear of a wig
It’s on the aspect when greeting by an opening of “Untied DANE!” (It was televised on same year March 31.) in April, 2003, the animation off which a wig has come is called off, and which is Tokyo sport, that, it was a topic. Further, how to put it that time’s headline is small in the corner in the space upper left, “a vicious synthetic picture is let run on the net!-on earth, by whom, why,…-“, if it was the article which fell actually, there were a lot of readers who misunderstand, too, because it could hang so that it might be added but it consisted of it so that only the headline to which I say “Ogura caster wig fell!” might be seen, when four were placed on a storefront in a when. The collage on which an animation maker made an improvement. It’s that it has been called by the part from this case before, but I’m not telling itself that I’m a wig wearer on a television, but (And, Tsuyoshi Yoshida is telling, actually “How is?!” It’s being published in the program.) it’s already announced officially in the lecture. A wig is removed in the lecture, “It isn’t to collect by a television and a radio and say.”, as I go through the posture to which I say “Everyone, it would be understood.”.

A common name as “Mr. OZURA” says that circumstances around here aren’t told at all on a television, and also spreads. Weekly BUNGEI SHUNJU took up this problem in an article twice, and “also questioned similarly 10 years ago” in case of the second time, and, it’s poked in from Kokura.

An number “would like to meet this Sawako Akawa’s person” on “weekly, BUNGEI SHUNJU” January 31 in 2002, please, about wig suspicion, “It isn’t also hidden particularly and, everyone, I know.” “I slip and don’t do and doesn’t have that it’s long and that it’s short. Because I’m not a general wig (warai). Because most is the hair.”, “Once for one month and the beauty salon line weren’t the reason which has its hair done and wears it entirely perfectly.” was explained.

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