CVT and AT
Why are there a lot of CVTs for a recent car? A luxury car thinks I have a lot of AT….
Flow 1.8AT
Wish 1.8CVT
If it’s bought nowadays as expected, is it a CVT? What is OK for which for the difference?


Good Answer.

It’s the feature that a machine is doing gear operation of MT (manual transmission) automatically by computer control in AT (automatic transmission).

Without using a gear for gears AT and MT had (gear), a compared CVT controls step by step using a metal belt and a pulley of the mobile system (pulley). Therefore it’s the feature that there is no vibration when shifting the gear, at all. This is also called “gear without notice” etc..

It becomes with good gas mileage because the power of the engine can be controlled most suitably according to the operation conditions because a CVT doesn’t have a gear of the decided number of rows when I say easily. So a CVT seems that the feature like the above is the reason that adoption is of primary concern to be often adopted by recent car.

By the way, it’s one reason that the CVT which can stand up to big output from a large displacement engine for luxury cars has not been developed as the reason that a CVT isn’t adopted by luxury car (The special CVT which can stand up to such big output has been developed by a certain manufacturer, they seem to choose usual AT among the reason that I don’t equal AT in a cost side and performance surface present.)

So the “gear shock” which is the feature of the CVT is reduced to the utmost (Or I don’t make them feel.), like, AT for luxury cars, 6 steps and 7 steps or 8 steps as if, I make them multistep-ize, and I’m dealing.

That I don’t accelerate when accelerating for the steep slope such as “difference” and “slipping” to a movement of an accelerator by a CVT, even if I step on the accelerator, the phenomenon I needed occurs. But, it’s also certain to be difficult to bring about such peculiar CVT “slipping” to have a gear for gears in AT. When the advantage is still big, AT also seems compared with a CVT the durability performance.



A luxury car thinks I have a lot of DCT.



It’ll be because it’s possible to improve the fuel consumption by mode as expected.

I’m not like-minded, so I prefer AT.
(The uneasiness by which deceleration G turns strange on the way at the time of fixation deceleration until the stop for which it’s difficult to listen to a scramble)