Why did you seal up and was the 12th Ultra Seven’s talk the eternal missing number?
After all was the 12th talk televised? . If being televised, what kind of contents were they?
Will it be brought into only the 12th Ultra Seven’s conversation by a DVD from now on?


Good Answer.

The other ones are writing prehistory.
Then, by a monster encyclopedia.
The structure of the interior is established selfishly, and if, it was the easy-going time.
At the place Enya professional keeps and doesn’t know.
That bombing Seijin has lost his vigor selfishly?
That there was something shameful for Enya professional, too.
That a criminal of little girl kidnap-slay made the center of attraction of a dubbing trade of a video again.
It’s this work, so it has been the result which puts on double bad names.
By the way,” the eternal missing number” (This word was also used in a family channel only at televising of seven.)
It is” the missing number” without well  There does nothing but be an explanation with the missing number without everything.
This seems to be the expression it’s said that Enya side doesn’t also explain about the longitude and latitude of the missing number.

When it’s so and a DVD, but a last set has gone out.
The existence of a film is confirmed and I say that a digital Lima star was performed.
A plausible rumor went around, but the truth or falsehood is unclear.
A proprietor changed, so Enya professional may not change the policy.
It’s hopeless for the moment.

Illusion was being talked about, but I was appearing fairly in the middle in 1980 ‘s and.
Last year was also divided into a time YOUTUBE, I got nervous.
(It’s put out at present.) acceptedly.
If I’d like to see it, when waiting patiently, you’d be able to come.



Before the eternal missing number was done, it was ordinarily rebroadcast. But “spelling Seijin” who appears on this time was introduced to the instructions when being a monster card, with “spelling Seijin  Another name day tapir Seijin”. When she says this thing to the chairperson’s (?) fatherhood of the bombing society, the girl who saw this card makes a contact to Enya professional, and it’s said that Enya professional decided to dispose of something concerned with this thing.

There was probably this animation in “youtube”.



You’re sealing up in Japan, but by the United States and a Hawaiian television
It’s being broadcast even in 1990 ‘s.