Why doesn’t hymn rock like Hotei?
Because you didn’t care for in an icehouse, did you do complex re-formation?


Good Answer.

Reluctantly, I was at odds.
After all Mr. Hotei is the side for approaching about BO Φ WY dismissal.
And to Mr. Hotei’s making COMPLEX after dismissal, Mr. icehouse, from the side, “Did it dismiss to do such one?”, there was kuchigeki.
A “playing with fire” remark by an immoral turmoil with Ms. Saki Takaoka several years before of Mr. Hotei, it’s cynical by live broadcasting, and Mr. icehouse is saying “He’ll play with fire tonight!”

By a blog of the back and Mr. Hotei, “The feeling that I wish for re-formation of BO Φ WY was same as everyone.”, a remark seems in own honest protection.
“I thought there was only BO Φ WY re-formation, but, that didn’t materialize.” and, I have that, that I didn’t make a contact on my own clearly from those sentences, it’s being talked about.
You can believe Mr. icehouse to have announced BO Φ WY live broadcasting of all songs to everything selfishly without consultation from the side.

Mr. icehouse thought and carried out the side.
Mr. Hotei considered the side, but that it wasn’t also done to consult.

Though why did 1 month pass from an earthquake disaster, isn’t talk of BO Φ WY re-formation done?
And why could COMPLEX be re-formed just after it?

The reason is easy.
Mr. Hotei is because the side was the side where he’s waiting for an invitation.
Mr. Yoshikawa approached from the side, and that the talk of COMPLEX re-formation was decided immediately, Mr. Hotei is writing by his blog.
That’s evidence.

The dome performance if the Tokyo Dome live broadcasting of 7/30 of re-formation live broadcasting of COMPLEX was original, by which FUNKY MONKY BABYS is the first self-body was planning to be performed, but it was cancelled in a hurry by a plan blackout announcement.
But COMPLEX does live broadcasting on the day.
To do live broadcasting on the day also seems to regard fan’s feeling as a member of FANMON in the act their pride also offended.

The re-formation of COMPLEX is wonderful, but the feeling that opposed consciousness is bare for Mr. icehouse makes it clear.



I think Mr. Hotei isn’t making a contact to Mr. icehouse. The matter of this charity live broadcasting is a television, shi, a picture in a disaster area didn’t get away from its mind, and even if I couldn’t think of a member, and it was bad, it was being talked about. I think that I knew member’s comment with a net. I think it isn’t disliked.



There was an offer on the Hotei side from the icehouse side informally.

A complex re-formation project has started already, and I think it’s said that timing didn’t fit.

If it’s rage re-formation, because at least 1 month old probably becomes devoted himself to it at RIHA and GENEPURO in front of the live broadcasting, perfectionist’s icehouse would be impossible timewise.

It’ll be the act which makes a mess on rage to participate with a complex in a simultaneous period for Hotei and.

Even if there is an offer before Hotei and Yoshikawa meet personally, I want you to decline.

For me, rage?

Though it’s the band which wants to re-form, it’s the band by which you don’t want to see re-forming it, right?
Adding: Hotei’s complex re-formation fell behind, so I think that a mass communication announcement was determining to become such report.

A feud isn’t understood.

Excuse me,< (_ _)>