Why is Wakanohana on bad terms with takashinohana?


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This became so that it might be antagonistic each other from the fact for 3 years and a half behind schedule in otoutotakashinohana by a program and the suitability elder brother Mitsuyo eye Wakanohana lined up as a brother simultaneous grand champion sumo wrestler in 98 (1998). It’s said that the difference in the sumo wrestling views deepened the chasm between the brother. takashinohana which was reigning as a great grand champion sumo wrestler in Heisei then didn’t assume the stoic relaxed posture and was the on the way recognition that it’s taking the real value for results as a grand champion sumo wrestler thoroughly. On the other hand, Wakanohana made capture of the rope of want be accomplished finally via the long champion sumo wrestler age, but it seems to have been that promotion to sumo’s highest rank of yokozuna was achieved and have been much by one of compilation in a sumo wrestler life and the fulfillment with which a goal tape was cut. otoutotakashinohana which didn’t overlook such elder brother did the exceptional criticism which says to official mass communication “Why can Wakanohana who doesn’t practice maintain the status of the grand champion sumo wrestler?” and attracted people’s attention severely. Restoration develops blood relative’s quarrel such as that, late father’s (retired Ozeki noble NO flower) inheritance and a share in the Japan Sumo Association lost trouble, and is the impossible insulation state.



Results are because it’s contrary.

I think Wakanohana is great.



It was a legacy problem, but they seem to have become cooling down by my elder brother’s giving up all father’s legacies.

It’s said that they took up a breach, and media including a weekly magazine lack the reliability.