Why isn’t Shizuka Kudo arrested by medicine?
Very regrettable!
I want you to catch such conspicuous RA RI PAPPA, does the police choose a person?


Good Answer.

Isn’t it because evidence isn’t found yet?
Flagrante delicto will be arrest immediately, but.
Ms. Shizuka Kudo was different way of speaking, tension and look from the past, wasn’t she?
I think it isn’t influence of medicine.

A husband and wife also are on good terms with Sakai Noriko suspect, so the rumor that medicine is being done doesn’t cease, Mr. Takuya Kimura Ms. Shizuka Kudo.
I think Johnny & Associates isn’t the translations to which I say because it exists in the rear and.

But a possibility that a performing artist is arrested by the sweet potato vine system isn’t 0, is it?
I’ll have a person of the police exert itself.



No, I’m Shizuka Kudo hater fairly, too, but the police gets thin, and wouldn’t also be able to move only by the YABAI appearance!
Evidence, only by the appearance, (warai)