Yet, aren’t icehouse Kyousuke and Hotei Tomoyasu on good terms? Mr. Hotei was absent from TSUITTA on a day of Tokyo Dome live broadcasting in Mr. icehouse and. It’s said that Mr. member’s Takahashi truth of BO Ф WY sent a flower to Mr. icehouse and do I think that Mr. Matsui Tsunematsu had come to the Tokyo Dome live broadcasting? Because Mr. icehouse is live MC and a friend does live broadcasting here in July, give my best regards! It’s said that they were saying so, but is a friend Teruji Yoshikawa’s thing?


Good Answer.

I think Yoshikawa and Hotei. BO Ф WY also thought “I’d like to deliver a contribution early.” = “Because the person who was sent by a familiar member went to tuning smoothly.” not re-forming it. I think an earthquake disaster is serious when I get up, gather an original member by three months and a short period and practice. Hotei seems busy profitably and….
A fan often doubts a curl of two people including me, from dismissal, 20 years? It’s enough above and will there be a curl any more?
I thought a way of thinking in an icehouse was an adult when a special story of ZERO was seen.



Such, it wouldn’t be divisible. Mr. Hotei is too conscious, but Mr. icehouse would think as nothing, wouldn’t he?
NO is pointing at Mr. Hotei and Mr. Yoshikawa of course for a friend.



Unfortunately it’s Mr. Yoshikawa.., isn’t it?

To be honest, I have thought because everyone knows, anyway Mr. icehouse who did that way of speaking is a little childish to be on bad terms at that place.

Even if I’m on bad terms by such meaning, without being conscious strangely, Mr. Hotei is an adult,^ ro ^;